Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sun, sea and strike ballots

Today’s update to the UNISON website is encouraging news about the local government strike ballot.

Following overwhelming rejection of a 2% pay offer in a consultative ballot UNISON's pay and single status group is now recommending the union proceeds to an industrial action ballot. In tandem with UNISON, the GMB and TGWU-Unite are also preparing to ballot their members on industrial action.

Something to look forward to when I get back to work, but for now, no more blogging…


dla said...

Not sure about Wakefields comment on the NHS pay in that article though.
They have been offered a pittance which doesn't work out to more thn 2% and what we should be doing is rejecting the offers and standing together to fight for more than 2%.
Not bemoaning the fact that Health have been offered something LG haven't!

Jon Rogers said...

Yes - a fair point - I don't think that the health offer exceeds 2% of the pay bill in England in this financial year. If that's right then it is not worth any more than in this year than the offer local government members have rejected, although of course it does leave members 2.5% ahead of where they were in March by November (as it always did).

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with dla. The comment on NHS pay is a tactical error which only serves to create a divide between LG and the NHS when we should all be united against both offers.

Why are the national officers so timid? I think part of the answer lies in poor communication leading to an under-estimation of our collective strength. Also relevant is the leadership's closeness to New Labour. The latter point was clearly illustrated by UNISON's failure to support a candidate to the left of Brown for the Labour leadership.

Whilst the decision to go for a strike ballot against the 2% offer is clearly welcome, recent comments from the leadership raise concerns in my mind about how far they want to push the government. Sorry but the handling of the pensions dispute gives me little confidence about this!

UNISON member