Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Still watching telly

My earlier lack of enthusiasm for the drama of the US election is being put to shame by other bloggers and their cats.
Clearly there have been some grounds to be worried about the results.
In the absence of a party of labour in the US we have to hope for a “liberal” victory I suppose. Although there are socialists who are not cheerleaders for Obama, as well as those who are enthusiastic.
Update at 1.06am - looks like Obama is going to win. What will this mean for US workers and trade unions? And what for the rest of us? This is being kept up to date better elsewhere ( and


Anonymous said...

Obama and the Republicrats are no more likely to do anything to change the status quo than New Labour did here in UK.
Big business calls the tune and Obama would not be allowed to get to power unless the establishment were ok with it.

John said...

I think unions will now be judging on how quickly EFCA gets brought forward, or whether it's pushed back, ostensibly by the financial crisis. From what they seem to say over there, it would be a significant piece of legislation for stemming the union downturn in the states and enabling fresh organising, and could be a good weapon against the unionbusters so prevalent over there.