Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vote for Me (please)

It's election time in UNISON - we are voting for our National Executive Council (NEC) with ballot papers due to go out straight after the Easter weekend.

I am seeking re-election to the NEC to represent the Greater London Region and am standing alongside a diverse and excellent slate of candidates under the banner of "Reclaim the Union."

Why are we standing? Well...

For years Governments have claimed that we do not have enough money for public services. Yet trillions are found to bail out bankers whose greed has caused economic chaos and who still claim huge bonuses and pensions.

Public Sector workers must not pay through attacks on our jobs, pay and pensions.

We need a fighting leadership that demands the bankers and bosses pay for their crisis. UNISON's current leadership put their relationship with Labour before the interests of our members.

The candidates of the left come from different backgrounds but we share one aim - to put members first and reclaim our union. The following demands are as set out on our campaign postcard (which includes a very recent and entirely accurate photograph of your humble blogger);
  • No job losses;
  • No pay cuts;
  • Save the NHS;
  • Equal Pay now;
  • Public Services Not Private Profit;
  • Stop the BNP - no to racism;
  • Defend our pensions;
  • Stop the witch hunts;
  • Welfare not Warfare;
  • No UNISON subs for New Labour Cuts.
I'll blog more - including the list of candidates - when I have recovered from carrying a heavy box of campaign postcards! (Honestly it's great fun out here on the rank and file left, I bet candidates supported by the current leadership don't get half that physical exercise...)

UNISON is a good trade union which it is an honour to represent on the NEC. It could, however, be a great trade union if we could liberate it from the unfortunate mix of lethargic timidity and timid lethargy which has us in its thrall.

I sometimes get a bit of stick for associating with the left in the Union (indeed if I had a pound for every time I had been told that if only I had not chosen to be a "standard bearer for the Trots" great things could have come to me in our Union I would have several quid...) I would however much rather stand alongside socialist comrades (with whom I may have all sorts of disagreements but whose commitment is beyond question) than apologists for a Government which attacks us and a leadership which fails to fight back.

This year's NEC elections offer us a chance to change UNISON for the better. I hope we take it.

For the attention of the Mabledon Place blogwatch squad I must point out that no UNISON resources are used for posts relating to internal union elections (though I must also add my disappointment not to receive complaints about this blog - it is almost enough to make me feel hurt and ignored...)


Robert said...

I'm glad you put up Welfare, lots of people within the Unions forget.

Andrew said...

"Vote for me (please)"

ok will do as you asked so nicely :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot vote for you because you dont unite members you support one side in our union, and thats the hard left.I see your usual empty slogans are in full swing again, shouting empty slogans is really old hat Jon. As an individual I find you quite charming but alas its the folk around you that turn people off!

marshajane said...

oh i spose so :)

Jon Rogers said...

I seem to be winning 3 -1 at the moment ;)

I don't accept - dear anon - that I fail to unite UNISON members. You don't survive twenty years as a branch officer without learning about the importance of unity. I support UNISON members on a daily basis.

When it comes to debate within the Union I support whoever I think is right.

To describe slogans as "empty slogans" is in surely the emptiest of sloganising. Summarising demands in slogans (or "bullet points") is a perfectly legitimate means of presenting a brief statement of views on a number of topics.

I am glad of course that you find me charming. I would add (in a rare moment of immodesty) that I am the better candidate for the seat I am contesting if what you want is someone to do a job of work for UNISON members on the NEC.

But then I would think that, wouldn't I?

I wish my opponent luck, but of course hope for more luck (and votes) myself.