Thursday, November 03, 2011

All out!

UNISON's democratic structures have called for industrial action following the member ballot (

That means we are moving toward action at the of this month (on "N30").

This changes everything.

Our national leadership wants us to fight hard for our pensions.

At a local level, branch activists are convinced of the need for a serious fight against cuts and job losses also.

If there are (lay or full-time) officials between these two levels not prepared for the hard work required to deliver these aspirations then let them depart.

For now, let's be clear. UNISON balloted members for action and they have voted to take action. We. hope each and every member who has been balloted will both have voted for and will take take such action.

It's a hard job we activists are given over the next month - to persuade people to do what they don't want to. Strike action is never easy and always painful.

But this is the action which is now necessary.

Now we move forward.
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Anonymous said...

There is an excellent prospect that a day off on 30 November will not only make this cowardly government cave in on pensions, but bring it down.

Jon Rogers said...

I would admire your optimism of the will dear commentator, but as you are anonymous I worry that you may in fact be afflicted by cynicism.

I rather suspect that victory in this struggle may require more than a single Day of Action, though for now let us make that as successful as we can.

Anonymous said...

If an acute commentator like Jon has only reached the stage of 'rather suspect[ing]' that 'more than a single Day of Action' 'may' be required, we may as well go home now.

Anonymous said...

Don't be shy of criticism, Jon.

Jon Rogers said...

Perhaps being anonymous is an impediment to the comprehension of irony.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like not being anonymous is.