Monday, April 09, 2012

Vote for a Campaigning and Democratic UNISON

Tomorrow ballot papers will hit doormats in the biennial elections for UNISON's Service Group Executives (SGEs) (

Our SGEs are the elected bodies responsible for negotiations on pay, conditions and pensions - in many ways more important than the National Executive Council (on which I play a largely ornamental role).

It is important that members exercise their right to vote in these elections - at least where they have one! Perhaps the first thing to say about these elections is that it is disappointing that the majority of seats are not contested.

Where there are contests it is, however, essential to support capable socialist candidates who are pledged to provide the fighting leadership which our members need now more than ever.

We need elected leaders prepared for the hardest times ahead. (Those interested primarily in acting as cheerleaders for "world class negotiators" are of little use now).

Crucially, those who refused to accept the "Heads of Agreement" (or - in the LGPS - "Principles of Agreement") and the associated suspension of industrial action over pensions in January need to be re-elected (and those who would have done so need to be elected).

UNISON should be in the vanguard of the unions prepared to confront the Tory Coalition Government - not leading the retreat from 30 November.

In London this means support for Marshajane Thompson, John McLoughlin and Helen Steel in local government, Janet Maiden and Len Hockey in health, Molly Cooper and Sandy Nicoll in higher education and Mary Powell in community.

The full list of candidates supported by the left is available online (

UNISON activists may not use union resources to campaign in internal union elections - but can certainly spend our own time getting the vote out (and branches can advise their members of the nominations which they have made).
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Anonymous said...

er i think your find both your health candidates were nominated by just one branch each, the female candidates own branch could not even nominate her ! the RANK AND FILE slate were nominated by 14 BRANCHES! SAYS IT ALL

Jon Rogers said...

I think inappropriate capitalisation suggests you should calm down as you'll be back at work tomorrow

Anonymous said...

by the way what does Mr Rogers do for a living decades on full time release! well at least he doesnt spent five days a week representing non Union members in Londons largest borough, a TORY COLLABORATOR!!!!!!

Jon Rogers said...

I really do fear for the mental health of our anonymous friend given the further inappropriate capitalisation.

On the (perhaps unwise) assumption that anon is someone with some connection to the workers' movement, I think it quite odd to read the suggestion that "full time release" isn't "doing something for a living." This would appear to play into the hands of the Tories and their "tax dodgers alliance" hangers on?

For what its worth I have twice given up full time release in order to go back to work and have twice been called back to the work upon which I have indeed spent decades.

Unlike those in our movement who are not in elected positions, I face an annual challenge for my role, and a monthly challenge as to how I have spent my time.

Given that the full time machinery of the movement is certainly not a meritocracy I fear that it does fall to some of us to spend more years than we would wish as lay activists on release to the Union.