Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We wunt be druv

There’s an old Sussex saying, now adopted by Harvey’s Brewery, “we wunt be druv.”

This means that we won’t be driven, Sussex folk have our own minds. Socialists in Brighton and Hove need to remember this Sussex saying just now.

With a socialist-led Labour Government on the horizon, the establishment, their allies and lackeys are pulling out all the stops to attack our Labour Party.

Unlike Dutch Elm Disease, the South Downs don’t provide protection against attacks on the Labour Party – on Labour members, activists and candidates.

But we wunt be druv. We are engaged in a serious campaign to secure a Labour majority on Brighton and Hove City Council.

We won’t be frightened into silence. Nor will we allow anger to distract us. We will stand together, and campaign together, for our socialist manifesto.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

A political April Fool

There are some good April Fools which I have enjoyed over the years – but this year I have found a brilliant example of a website purporting to be that of a tiny left-wing anti-EU political Party with a bizarre detailed backstory.

This is (or so the website says) an organisation which claims inspiration from Marxism but is essentially just obsessed with Brexit. The game is only really given away by the Pythonesque name of the imaginary outfit – the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist.

These are (allegedly) “communists” who believe that the British Army exemplifies “national sovereignty”.  They also (we are supposed to believe) celebrate the fact that fifteen people came together to launch “Leavers of Britain”. (Yes. Fifteen.)

To have put all this together simply to amuse people on April Fool’s Day shows a commitment to humour unmatched since Enver Hoxha was amused by Norman Wisdom.

It's a bit too easy generally to poke fun at the movement spearheaded by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, this website is a really well developed parody of the "Lexit" wing of that movement.

I feel almost guilty linking to it before the day itself.

Friday, March 29, 2019

(S)election alert!

With the defeat in Parliament of the Withdrawal Agreement we don’t also now face the near certainty of European elections on Thursday 23 May, but the increasing likelihood of a General Election, presumably on the same day (unless the Tories have to delay matters while they choose a new Leader).

The Tories obviously intend to present themselves to the people as the “Brexit Party” – Labour needs to focus on our positive, progressive, socialist policies (and – as to Brexit – the logic of the recent position of the Party in Parliament would be that an incoming Labour Government would seek to negotiate a different deal and then put it to the people in a referendum, in which many of us would, I imagine, vote to remain).

For those of us in Brighton and Hove working towards vitally important local elections on Thursday 2 May, the best way we can help Labour in the forthcoming European elections and General Election is to step up the local campaign. Labour Party members need now to bear in mind that we will fight the coming General Election under our elected Leader, and on the basis of policies inspired by the same socialist principles as those which informed our 2017 manifesto.

There is just now the little question of selecting candidates where we do not already have them in place…