Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not the Regional Committee report...

I haven’t yet had a chance to blog here a full report from Tuesday’s meeting of the Greater London UNISON Regional Committee (negotiations about the film rights are still underway…)

I only have few moments to blog right now but before I move next business for the time being…

I will take this opportunity to mention that the Regional Committee gave its wholehearted support to the Fremantle dispute and to the demonstration being organised for Saturday 10 November.

The Committee also heard that Regional officials had helpfully provided some guidance on the administration of hardship payments to the Barnet branch. This guidance took the form of a report received by the National Executive Council (NEC) Finance and Resource Management (FRM) Committee in 2004.

I have been in touch with the Chair of that Committee to suggest that it would be a good idea to look at updating and reissuing this guidance as national industrial action over pay is in prospect. If any UNISON branches want an electronic copy of the 2004 report please get in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Just to say that the UNISON National Safety Committee was interested in the Barnet dispute and wants details -which I will send(although a number of colleagues were already aware of it). I have to say it was nice to be at a committee where lay officers and officials were genuinely interested in what was happening at Fremantle and who could see how this links to privatisation's detrimental impacts, not only on terms and conditions, but also the potential impact on the health and safety of the mainly women workers and their vulnerable clients. Hopefully some of our Regional SOGs will also be seen to support the workers in this dispute!Kat