Thursday, March 27, 2008

Islington on pay

The following Motion put to Islington’s AGM today was passed unanimously, the part in italics was and amendment moved from the floor by someone who felt one day strikes was not enough and we needed to take much more sustained action. It nice to know the membership can be in advance of the leadership even in Islington Branch!


The branch AGM notes that the employers have offered only 2.2% which has been rejected by the NJC trade union side.
The branch AGM further notes this is some considerably distance away from the unions claim of 6% and also significantly below the rate of inflation based on RPI which is currently running at over 4%.

The Trade Union Side has agreed to meet with employers again in early April however it is unlikely that the offer would be significantly improved upon.

The branch also believes after the yes vote in last November’s Industrial Action Ballot there is no need for any further consultation with the membership prior to moving to a formal industrial action ballot. If there is a yes vote we need to move to sustained strike action.

The AGM calls for UNISON side of the NJC also the service group executive to move to an industrial action ballot with immediate effect and to coordinate all industrial action with other sector of Unison and other public service unions.

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