Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hard Work Hidden Lives

The UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) on Wednesday received copies of the short version of the report of the TUC Commission on Vulnerable Employment of which our General Secretary was a member. Dave gave a heartfelt introduction to the topic, addressing both the gains reflected in the recent Government announcement in relation to the rights of agency workers and also the need for the unions to reach out to and assist those even more vulnerable and exploited workers who will not benefit from this. A full version of the report is available online here.

I would encourage all branches to read this report and consider how our Union can respond to its recommendations at every level. For those of us who believe that trade union activity is about the broader interests of all working people the report challenges us to think about how we can bring the benefits of union organisation to those workers who need this most of all.

We can expect to hear a lot more about this report in the General Secretary’s speech to National Delegate Conference and in the debates on motions 57 and 78 which will follow it.

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