Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A message to Scottish readers

Good luck to all the members of UNISON, GMB and UNITE striking tomorrow against a three year pay offer to local government workers of just 2.5% a year for three years. Also to those PCS members also taking action tomorrow.

The offer to local government workers is just half the current rate of inflation, and although it is a princely 0.05% higher than the offer to most English, Welsh and Northern Irish local government workers, it is tied to a multi-year pay deal.

UNISON policy in local government is, very sensibly, to oppose multi-year pay deals, which seek to shift uncertainty arising from the variability of inflation from public service budget holders onto the shoulders of low paid workers managing rather more limited household budgets.

Which is something for negotiators generally to bear in mind.

Victory to the striking Scottish workers!

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