Thursday, October 02, 2008

United Left disappointed in leadership shock!

In a new first for the internet I am live blogging from the London United Left meeting (that's the UNISON United Left I should add).

We are disappointed in the approach of the UNISON leadership to the national local government pay dispute.

The wilful inadequacy of UNISON's leadership when it comes to organising strike action is leading dangerously towards a legacy of cynicism amongst our members.

The self-fulfilling prophecy of despair from Mabledon Place has let down the largest group of our membership - and the largest bargaining group in the whole economy.

Many UNISON activists - well beyond the ranks of the "usual suspects" are disappointed and feel betrayed.

The discussion on pay at the London Regional Local Government Committee seems to have been an almost complete waste of time if the decision on going to arbitration was predetermined.

It is no shock that left wingers feel that the decision to go to arbitration is premature. However the important point is that disappointment with the leadership goes much further than us.

It appears that the decision from the Executive of the trade union side of the National Joint Council to recommend arbitration came even before the outcome of the "consultation" exercise.

The majority of the UNISON NEC are willing to support an approach in which national strike action is pretty much ruled out from the outset. This is contributing to a downward spiral in our members' living standards.

Those who favour declining living standards for public sector workers therefore know who to support...

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Anonymous said...

I would not worry the Tories at their conference in Birmingham stated not only they wanted zero pay rises in public sector but to totally review Public Sector pensions