Saturday, January 17, 2009

Infantile Disorders

Parenthood is the scariest thing I have done in my life.If you are both a parent and honest (remember the kids aren't listening!) then I bet you think that too!

One consequence of parenthood is that we are prone to describe the conduct of others (as appropriate) in ways which really fit the behaviour of our children.

Today I learned that a member of a tiny ultra-leftist clique on my Branch Committee views me as a dangerous animal. The depth of the compassion which I feel for that person cannot be expressed in a way that is not patronising.

But I am ok with patronising those who deserve it!

My children are great activists who know in their hearts what is right and will stand up for that as necessary. Grown-up ultral-leftists can do the same (and I wish them well in trying to do so!)

In the mean time trade unionists know that we need to support one another. And we do.


Anonymous said...

"tiny ultra-leftist clique"

Sounds like how many people on the right wing would describe the LRC. Good to see you copying their language. A totally personal post, you might even say "childish". Many on the far left do you use personal language and often bring in personal things (look at the Tommy Sheridan and George Galloway cases where people brought up them having affairs), but that doesn't mean you should follow suit.

Haven't you got better things to get on with in your branch? Can't see members being impressed by this.

Anonymous said...

Then again, I spent the majority of the Abortion Rights AGM wanting to tell some of the younger sisters who thought that Abortion Rights should not be a single issue campaign to just grow up.

Old and cynical comes to us all at some stage comrade...