Monday, February 23, 2009

Keep the Post Public - support Tuesday's lobby

It shouldn't be necessary under a Labour Government, still less in the aftermath of the collapse of the finance sector and the massive bail out funded from the public purse, but Mandelson and Brown still want to part privatise the Royal Mail.

It's easy to become punch drunk with the sheer reactionary stupidity of New Labour and to stop being angry that the Government is willing to drive a (part privatised) coach and horses through Labour Party Policy.

Happily - and understandably - the CWU are not complacent and are organising a National Rally and Lobby at noon tomorrow in Central Hall, Westminster.

Full details of the CWU campaign are online here, including a model motion and a link to an online petition. The CWU are affiliated to the Labour Representation Committee who are fully backing this campaign, as are the many MPs who have signed Early Day Motion 428.

This is a vital campaign for the future of the labour movement and deserves the support of all trade unionists.

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