Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sign the Peoples Charter

As is so often the case I find myself persuaded by the arguments of John McDonnell.

The long awaited Peoples Charter is online now - and will be coming to a workplace and to a street stall near you soon. The organisers of this initiative hope for a million signatures in support of some elementary progressive political demands.

It's clear that the economic crisis which will be presented by some in our movement as a potent argument to moderate our demands ought rather to be seen as the occasion and opportunity to step up our demands for a change in the ideology of market worship which has been dominant for a generation.

In the absence of a credible left of centre political party to articulate the interests of working people an initiative by rank and file socialists, supported by a number of leading trade unionists and MPs has the potential to put socialist politics back on the agenda just now when we need them.

It seems to me that the Charter restates a number of UNISON policies and that therefore UNISON nationally should endorse this initiative. If you don't believe me about the UNISON policies you can check for yourself. This is the text of the summary of the Charter, with a few links to UNISON Conference policies...

A fair economy for a fairer Britain

Progressive taxes without loopholes or tax-havens. We must own and control the main banks. Guarantee all pensions, mortgages and savings. Tie pensions and benefits to wages. Give Pensioners free transport and heating. Increase the minimum wage..

More and better jobs

Protect existing jobs. Reduce hours, not pay, to create more jobs. Make a massive investment in new jobs, particularly in green technology, for our children's sake..

Decent homes for all

Create 3 million new publicly owned homes. Stop the repossessions. Control rents.

Save and improve our services

Energy, Telecommunications, Post, Water and Transport to be owned by all of us. Remove profit making from the NHS and schools. Support our public service staff..

For Fairness and Justice

Equality for all. Together against all racism and discrimination. Equal pay for women. End child poverty. Give young people a future. Free child and youth facilities, education and training for all. Repeal the anti-union laws to fight poverty and inequality..

A better future starts now

No more blood and money for war. Bring the troops home. No more £billions for nuclear weapons. We want massive investment for a greener, safer world. Get rid of the debt economy in Britain and cancel the debts of the poor of the planet.

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Anonymous said...

How much will this wish list cost? It looks like the calculations have been made on the back of a fag packet! The ideas sound great but its all pie in the sky empty rhetoric stuff! You might be better writing to santa at Christmas and seeing what he could do for you!