Friday, April 03, 2009

Support the Visteon workers

The G20 seems to have failed to provide the fiscal boost that the world economy needs to combat recession.

In a capitalist economy this sort of slump arises when firms cannot find buyers for goods and services - a massive increase in public spending (or reductions in taxation on working people) can provide a stimulus to demand.

What we've had thus far is not enough and now it appears we are not to get any more. We need to redouble our efforts to put pressure on the Government to meet our demands.

More workers can now anticipate being treated like the Visteon workforce - summarily dismissed because of an economic crisis not of their making. I hope that others will follow their sensible example and occupy the workplace rather than meekly accept their fate. Workers in Enfield, Basildon and Belfast are in occupation now.

The right wing press are trying hard to drive a wedge between public and private sector workers in what seems to be a bizarre attempt to blame public sector workers for the crisis. UNISON members and branches need to rush messages of solidarity to the Visteon workers.

According to Indymedia the contact information is; (for Enfield) (for Belfast)

Update on Monday - it seems that legal action is not being taken against the occupation at this stage and that the company is negotiating. Good.

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