Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Labour's Retreat

New Labour advanced too far away from the Party’s base of support – it’s political supply lines were over extended and so the Government is being forced to retreat (on the Post Office, ID cards, Trident – not to mention renationalising the North East mainline!)
However, as the Government retreats it does so over political ground which has been left barren by the political scorched earth policy of New Labour in relation to the Labour Party.

The Government is abandoning some of its treasured neoliberal policies because of its own weakness however and not at all because of any strength on the left (whether within or beyond the Labour Party). The CWU have cause to be glad today – but if the trade unions are to get any value from a relationship with the Labour Party in future the next few weeks are a final opportunity to assert real authority.

Watch this space?

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