Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Not a penny off the pay! Not a minute on the day!

As I mentioned last week one of the stewards involved in the Leeds strike has been in London this week.

Glenn - the steward in question - has done three consecutive evenings of speaking at meetings about the dispute and has inspired and motivated a number of London trade unionists.

We need to get delegations of strikers down to London on a regular basis so that we can further publicise the dispute and raise funds to alleviate the hardship our members are experiencing on strike.

The Grauniad had a handle on the complexity of the dispute which the Council Leader didn't like but listening to Glenn I have been reminded how simple this dispute is.

Some workers are being expected to take a pay cut of up to one third - and the employer's latest offer is that they should work impossibly hard if they want to preserve their earnings.

I think there is a slogan for this...

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Anonymous said...

Are you just ignoring the fact that whoever runs UNISON Active is now backing the People's Charter? What do you make of it?

JR Hartley