Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Regional Local Government Executive Committee Report

Owing to the arrangement of trade union meetings using a variant of a calendar found inscribed on an Aztec monument, the Regional Local Government Executive, this morning, followed hot on the heels of the Regional Committee yesterday.

The meeting commenced with a minute's silence in memory of former member, Chris Morey, whose untimely death yesterday has robbed us of the trade union side expert on many questions.

Regional Head of Local Government, Vicky Easton, ran through a verbal briefing on Parts Two and Three of the Green Book, their status and implications for employers seeking to vary our conditions of service. She repeated the good news shared yesterday, that Croydon have backed off from an attack on the (Part Two) sick pay scheme and - later in the meeting - confirmed that Greenwich have an indicative ballot on the suspension of incremental progression, in support of which - I was assured - meetings are being held with members.

The meeting agreed a budget bid for next year which incorporated the vital proposals from the recent planning meeting for regular briefing sessions for local government branches across London - a more positive take on the idea that this is not "business as usual" than exemplified by an ill-judged email from Regional Office encouraging a reduction in "routine" meetings ("so we can go back to our branches and get on with our work").

The meeting heard about plans to co-ordinate campaigning around library services, and about current industrial action ballots, as well as receiving the latest figures on density of UNISON membership across London Boroughs.

I won't take the time for a full report now - but will say that this was a constructive meeting of activists from a number of branches - we need to share and help across branch boundaries now more than ever.

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