Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Labour - fight the cuts

The Labour Representation Committee (LRC) has now published an analysis of Thursday's election results (http://l-r-c.org.uk/news/story/elections-2011-labour-must-offer-an-alternative/), arguing persuasively that Labour did well where it was perceived as a means of expressing opposition to, and defending communities from, the Tory Coalition Government.

This means that there is all the more need for the debate we tried to start earlier this year about how Labour Councils should respond to a financial settlement which makes it impossible to meet social need (http://l-r-c.org.uk/news/story/why-councillors-should-fight-the-cuts/).

Labour Group Leaders are due to meet in the next few days. They have an opportunity and a responsibility to articulate and campaign for a clear political alternative to the savage cuts which are being driven through.

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