Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plymouth - reject an unjust attack

At least one of Plymouth City Council's Tory fools has decided to enter the record books for all the wrong reasons (

The looney tunes fringe reactionaries seeking to dominate one of our south western cities have announced a decision to derecognise UNISON.


You can't manage an organisation of the size and complexity of a modern local authority without a cordial, professional relationship with the elected representatives of your workforce.

That certainly includes recognition of the largest local government trade union. Recognition is the cornerstone of the voluntary approach to industrial relations developed over generations - and if it were to be abandoned that would be a recepie for endless, expensive litigation..

Let's hope this purported derecognition is the action of an individual extremist and that the Council leadership can successfully distance themselves from this "Thatcher on speed" approach to employee relations.

We don't need unenlightened amateurs damaging local government in such difficult and challenging times.

UNISON members must also consider how ill-advised it can be to oust the leadership of a trade union branch on political grounds...

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