Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Unity on May Day

I've booked some time off to attend London's May Day March this afternoon (http://www.londonmayday.org/). The message of May Day, of the need for united action for common objectives, is one our movement needs to heed as much as ever in 2012.

Although the London May Day March can sometimes feel like participation in a historical re-enactment (a sort of Sealed Knot of the International Labour movement), there will, at least, be banners, and marchers from many unions and many parties.

I hope that a similar unity of purpose can be rediscovered amongst the General Council of the TUC.

Competition for members between trade unions may interest some of those whose livelihoods depend upon our movement - but for those who look to our movement to protect our livelihoods what matters most is united action such as we saw on 30 November.

For example, most members of UNISON and UNITE don't care in the least which of the two has more members - what we want to see is these two, and all other, trade unions campaigning together against the attacks from the Government and their class.

Happy International Workers Day!

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