Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unity against intolerance on Holocaust Memorial Day

The theme of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day, which is now drawing to a close, is "Communities Together: Build a Bridge". It's appropriate therefore today to read a report of emerging unity in opposition to the so-called "March for England" which annually seeks to invade Brighton in April.

Genocide is the extreme expression of the intolerance, bigotry and hatred displayed by the "March for England" - or, as the statement of commitment for Holocaust Memorial Day says "we recognise that humanity is still scarred by the belief that race, religion, disability or sexuality make some people’s lives worth less than others’. Genocide, anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination still continue. We have a shared responsibility to fight these evils."

As well as being a UNISON activist, I am a member of the Labour Party in Brighton and am pleased to see a number of leading Labour Party members putting their name to the call for unity against the March for England.

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