Monday, April 22, 2013

The perfect cure - opposing the far-right in the sun

I've shamefully neglected blogging over the past few days, having been laid up with some sort of bug.

I discovered yesterday that the best aid to recuperation is a trip out in the sunshine, with thousands of other local people, to confront a sorry gaggle of extreme right-wingers implausibly claiming the cross of St George as "their" symbol on the misnamed "March for England" (

The dwindling number of self-proclaimed "nationalists" looked if anything uglier and more miserable in the sunshine than they had last year, while the good natured determination of the vast majority of anti-fascist demonstrators made the counter-demonstration a joyful event (thanks very much to the real "EDL" - the English Disco Lovers -

The anti-fascists looked like the England we live in, we were diverse, tolerant and cheerful in the face of adversity (in the form of perhaps over-zealous policing). The fascists appeared every bit as out of place as they were - their naked hatred can never be made attractive.

I hope they now give up and go away. If they don't, I hope we continue massively to outnumber them on our streets.

And I feel better!

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