Wednesday, June 05, 2013

UNISON and Labour - what next?

General Secretary, Dave Prentis, gave his characteristically wide-ranging report to the National Executive Council (NEC) this morning.

He started with the news that UNISON's new website will go live next week - so look out for that.

It sounds as if there will be plenty to report on the website since the Tories are ratcheting up attacks on the trade unions.

The Government are attacking the role of teaching assistants - vital low-paid public servants - whilst implementing tax cuts for the rich.

The Tory right have "check-off" arrangements in their sights - and the Government are trying to turn a crisis of sleaze in Parliament into an opportunity to restrict political campaigning by the trade unions.

Questions to Dave revolved very much around the disappointing response from the Labour leadership, whose consistent failure to offer a radical and coherent alternative (in line with the progressive policies of the trade unions) may well be the greatest threat to the prospect of a majority Labour Government.

Labour Link Chair, Steve Warwick, and Labour Party NEC member, Wendy Nicholls both responded to the debate. I'd like to say that we arrived at a conclusion about how UNISON should exert a positive political influence upon the Labour Party.

But you can't always have what you like.

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