Thursday, January 30, 2014

Storm in claret glass abates?

I cannot do better, in commenting upon developments in relation to the Collins Review and the Labour-Union Link than draw the attention of readers (Sid and Doris Lefty) to this link to comments from Jon Lansman.

The essence of the assault upon the union link pushed forward by the Tory fifth column in the odious "Progress" group (delivered to you by Sainsburys) has been seen off for now, but at the price of an unwanted "primary" to select our next candidate for London Mayor.

A shift to "one member one vote" for Labour Leader takes us to a better and more democratic place than that which the Party occupied before the electoral college - when the Leader was elected by the Parliamentary Labour Party.

We need to see more of the detail of what is proposed - and we cannot relax vigilance as long as the Labour Party remains infested with Latter Day Blairites who believe in privatisation, performance related pay and a reduction in trade union influence.

At least there is still a battle to be had.

Of which more later.

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