Monday, March 31, 2014

Barnet - Not an April Fool

‎Not everything which happens at the start of the "cruellest month" is an April Fool.

In particular, the assault upon Barnet UNISON is no joke.

A madcap Tory-right administration obsessed with privatisation (and facing the possibility of losing control) is lashing out at its most effective opponents.

The imposition of unworkable, ideologically driven, reductions in trade union "facility time" (as advocated by the failed "Trade Union Reform Campaign" on the wilder reaches of the political right) isn't the half of it.

The employer has focused it's attack upon the leadership of Barnet's vibrant and effective UNISON branch (and it must be shaming for the senior officials who are allowing themselves to be used as political tools in this way).

As of tomorrow, in what may be the last weeks of Tory Barnet, the attack moves up a gear - the response to this attack from our movement also needs to step up.

This is a test we must not fail.

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