Friday, May 09, 2014

I am the Walrus (not)

‎Who needs a tusk?

An Elephant? A Walrus?

Well, when it comes to TUSC, the sad answer is, no one.

No one needs this least persuasive, least popular and least convincing of all the unpopular and unsuccessful attempts to launch a socialist electoral alternative to Labour.

In many ways I wish Labour faced a credible electoral challenge to our left. As a Brightonian I almost wish the Greens had emerged as such (as they have not).

However, as a trade unionist I must stare reality back in the eye. And, as I do, I see that there is no other option for a progressive voter than a Labour vote. My friends who are engaged in the (lego-like) construction of a new ("Left Unity") political alternative need to find the courage and confidence to face this harsh reality too.

As a Labour Party member I urge every trade unionist not only to vote Labour but also to join the Party as an individual member, to try to gain a voice about what the Party should do.

Politics is often horrendous, but to make it a little less horrendous is a sound ambition - and to fight for our beliefs even inside today's Labour Party is a worthwhile fight.

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