Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unity is healthy - we should act in unison


As local government workers prepare for tomorrow's day of protest about our pay dispute, health workers are beginning to plan a similar protest on Monday week.

When, more than twenty years ago, we chose the name for our (then) new trade union, it was clear that we chose the word "unison" because of what it implies.

Those who sing in unison sing together - and sing the same tune. (Those of us prone to occasional dissonance are often reminded of this very fact). Groups taking action on different days are not acting "in unison".

There may be sound tactical reasons why one group of workers will take some action on one date and others on another. There may be practical or logistical reasons why this is unavoidable.

However, if we, in UNISON, are serious about maximising political pressure in support of our fight against falling real wages then, when it comes to strike action, we will act "in unison."

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