Friday, November 21, 2014

On the practical benefits of defending the conditions of service of the local government workforce

‎I have a very long period of continuous local government service (I am not young).

As I have more than ten years such service, with my employer, according to the conditions of service negotiated with the local trade unions, I have 34 days paid leave each year in addition to public holidays.

It was 17 years ago that the employer last tried to reduce our leave entitlement (under a "hung" Council). We saw them off.

Therefore I am pleased that, for the next five working days, I shall derive the benefit of conditions of service fought for, won and defended by trade union action, as I shall be on holiday!

You'll not see me blog again for more than a week (regular readers Sid and Doris Trotspotter will be accessing NHS mental health services to help them cope).

While I'm away I strongly recommend to all trade unionists that you don't agree to offer any concessions to your employer on conditions of service (they never do any good!)

I also recommend to all UNISON local government branches that you support the call from the Manchester Branch for a Special Local Government Conference.

After all, when I get back from holiday I'll still need something to look forward to!

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