Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Register the missing voters - mobilise our members to vote

This morning's meeting of the UNISON Greater London Regional Council has just agreed a worthy motion on mobilising for the General Election.

The first step must be to encourage voter registration given that a million voters have (as the Hope Not Hate survey to which I've linked above shows) ‎dropped off the electoral register in the past year (due to the switch from household to individual registration).

Beyond a voter registration drive we need to encourage our members to vote‎ and - as a thorough presentation from Assistant General Secretary, Liz Snape, advised delegates - our members will be more receptive to a message which is hostile to the current Government than to attempts to talk up the offer from Labour.

A Government of the right after May would pose a threat to ‎trade union organisation in the UK beyond anything we have seen before. Mobilising our members to make an informed choice in the election is rightly the highest priority for the next three months.

Whatever the result of the election we will need a quorum of delegates present at the May Regional Council to discuss how we respond to whatever world we will face after the General Election.

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