Thursday, March 19, 2015

Save the White Elephant!

‎UNISON is a proudly progressive organisation and, though animal welfare is rarely a key priority compared to job security or public services, it's good to know that protection for endangered species is a core value for important decision making bodies within our Union.

The Standing Orders Committee for June's National Delegate Conference have ruled out of order a request from the Lambeth branch that our National Executive Council (NEC) undertake an options appraisal of our accommodation needs, noting that this should include consideration of moving from, or making better use of, the plush and partially empty "UNISON Centre" (a.k.a. "The Great White Elephant of the Euston Road").

The SOC fear that this motion may breach Rule D.2.10, which - on their current reading - reserves to the NEC all responsibility for the terms and conditions of staff. 

This is, of course, such fanciful reasoning as to be absurd, suggesting as it does that our Conference - the "supreme Government" of our lay led Union - ought not to consider the scandalous waste of our money on empty space in Central London because we don't want to upset those who work there.

Clearly that can't be the real reason for the SOC decision.

The truth must be that they want to save an endangered species - White Elephants of such impressive majesty are increasingly rare and many believe that they must be protected at all costs!

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