Monday, January 11, 2016

Junior Doctors' Picket lines across England

Any UNISON member who can should show solidarity tomorrow with the junior doctors' strike action. (The link above gives details of all the picket lines which will be mounted tomorrow).

No worker makes the sacrifice of taking striking action lightly, but junior doctors have been left with no choice.

‎Their union - the British Medical Association (BMA) - has not yet reached a settlement with the Government and, under the Tories' own anti-union legislation, the BMA must call strike action now if they do not want to lose the mandate for action given them by the near unanimous vote for action by their junior doctor members.

This is not simply a dispute about the pay and conditions of an important group of public servants, it is also about the future of our National Health Service, which will not be able to recruit and retain staff in future if they are saddled with unworkable or dangerous contracts of employment.

Tomorrow's action will be an important expression of opposition from public service workers to a Government which has declared war on public servants.

The junior doctors deserve all our support.

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