Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conference priorities on branch funding - it's as easy as 123

UNISON branches wondering what motions to prioritise on the Preliminary Agenda for our National Delegate Conference in Brighton in June should look favourably on Motion 123.

This motion, from the West Sussex, Manchester, Salford and Barnet branches proposes devolution of resources to branches which don't have substantial reserves - and a corresponding review of activity at national and regional levels.

Prioritising this motion for debate will ensure that the point of view of those who know that the future of our trade union is at the front line of representation in the branches is clearly heard.

Whilst there may be scope for constructive dialogue before Conference - and to try to build a consensus around positive amendments to the NEC motion on branch funding (Motion 121) to build upon progress which has already been made - this outcome is much more likely if Motion 123 is prioritised for debate than if it is not.

So, when it comes to prioritisation of UNISON Conference motions - it's as easy as 123!

(Credit where it's due, the title of this blog post is attributable to a regular reader, although not Sid nor Doris Blogger...)

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