Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UNISON members organising to transform our trade union

Some friends have asked me, knowing that I am subject to obviously unjustified disciplinary action by my own trade union in retaliation for my having made a legitimate complaint to the Certification Officer concerning proven malpractice in a recent internal UNISON election, whether my decision to stand down from our National Executive Council shows that “the bastards have got to me.”

I can assure you that this is not the case. I can also assure all readers that I do know a bit about the relevant law.

I chose when to become a Branch Secretary and shall now (for the third time) choose when not to be. I joined our National Executive at a time of my choosing and shall now leave at a time of my choosing (and shall support Sean Fox of the Haringey branch to stand in my place because he is far and away the best candidate).

I remain completely committed to the transformation of UNISON into the trade union which we wanted it to be when we voted it into existence in 1992 – and to that end am pleased to publish the following information received today from Glen Williams on behalf of the new UNISONaction Broad Left;

UNISONaction broad left Meetings have taken place across the UK and it is very clear that there is a growing determination amongst our activists to raise the profile and activity of our union. 

UNISONaction operate a total transparency policy and so please find below the details of the lead coordinators for the UNISON Regions who are getting organised with further regional details to follow. If you want to find out what is happening in your Region and where UNISONaction is up to please email the Regional Lead identified below. If your Region is not represented yet please feel free to email Glen Williams (see below). 
Yorks and Humberside Region – Ade Kennett and Vicky Perrin -
West Midlands - Dave Augers -
East Midlands –Gary Freeman -
South East – Paul Couchman -  07834468135
South West – Berny Parkes -
North West - Glen Williams -
Greater London - Hugo Pierre and John Mcloughlin-
Northern Region  - Paul Gilroy - –
Scotland  - Mark Ferguson and Carol Ball -;
Cymru/Wales – Mark Evans -

I encourage all UNISON members to engage in organising to make our trade union into what it could (and ought to) be. Lay UNISON activists need to stand up for lay control of our trade union.

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