Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Stronger UNISON" demonstrate their weakness

You might think that a group of members of our largest public service trade union, organised around support for the well-established leadership of the union, would have a robust self-confidence in their own position.

You might think that when a maverick individual blogger made criticisms of their (almost coherent) “Stronger UNISON pledge” they would be well able to rebut such criticism and would be proud to assert their confident defence of their own position.

You might think almost anything!

Best not though.

The feeble-minded adherents of the confused and confusing “stronger UNISON” pledge have three times deleted a link to an earlier post on this blog when it was posted to their Facebook.

What we can clearly see is that those lay members prepared to subordinate themselves to the (officer-led) “Team Dave”  and their recent electoral misbehaviour are not prepared to engage in dialogue with other lay members.

It is almost enough to make someone want to go into some detail in examining the records of the individuals who are so disrespectful of UNISON members and UNISON democracy.

Perhaps it is more than almost enough.

Perhaps that will be fun?

The status quo in UNISON is over.

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Anonymous said...

So much work to do... UNISONaction candidates have sent out addresses that indicate an entrenched service-oriented bias (albeit a more 'left-wing' one).

It has to be a transformation from the top right down to the bottom.

Here's to the start of a long process