Sunday, November 18, 2018

GNU - just say GNO!

As the Government continues its slow motion implosion, there have been suggestions that Tory “Remainers” might approach elements in the Parliamentary Labour Party to form a “Government of National Unity” (GNU). This is an extreme form of the expression of hope that Labour right-wingers might be roped in to forming a cross-Party Parliamentary majority for either a “soft” Brexit (softer than the current deal) or for a second referendum, without risking (from the point of view of the ruling class) the prospect of a socialist-led Government.

Those parts of the Tory Party which most accurately reflect the interests of big business were not in favour of leaving the European Union, and now don’t want to see the United Kingdom outside of either the customs union of the single market – this puts them at odds with the “foaming-at-the-mouth” wing of their Party, who want to deliver a Brexit which means Brexit (which means, in their version - which is the version on offer in the real world - a racist, xenophobic little England as far as I can see).

The “big business” Tories hope that they can bring some Labour parliamentarians on board so that they can ride out a rebellion by the “little England” Tories – and some of them are not above suggesting a GNU to achieve this objective. 

There is no reason why socialists should want Labour MPs to rescue either side in this sordid squabble between our enemies. We should instead remember that, when thieves fall out, honest people smile. The Government we need is a Labour Government led by our elected Leader, committed to socialist policies.

Of course, those of us who can see clearly that Brexit is against the interests of the working class will want to see such a Government averting that catastrophe – but the most important thing Labour can do right now is unite behind our leadership in order to benefit from the disarray of our Tory enemies.

There is only one sort of GNU we should be interested in.

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