Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reactionary pillock of the month?

Just now and again New Labour can still astonish with outbursts of such reactionary stupidity that it takes your breath away.

Our new Housing Minister admitted she was surprised by figures showing that more than half of those of working age living in social housing are without paid work (which suggests she should get out more – maybe for a kebab with the Home Secretary?)

Therefore she wants to threaten tenants with eviction if they are deemed not to be seeking work. I don’t think UNISON members who work to provide social housing will be taken with such nonsense. It is not the job of Housing officers to throw people out of their homes at the behest of the employment service!

Many people without work need help to find decent, well-paid employment, and many of those people live in social housing. The threat of homelessness is not an acceptable tool to be employed by a supposedly Labour Government seeking to achieve this goal. What next? The Workhouse?

Happily Ms Flint says this is all to start a debate (with the cuddly Fabians). I hope that one of the other speakers has a chance to put her right!


Anonymous said...

Who cares anymore, I've lost interest in everything this government says

a very public sociologist said...

Lol, Flint's got tough competition for the award in the shape of Phil Woolas. Fnar.