Friday, February 29, 2008

Right wing attack on Local Government Pensions

The saloon-bar Tories of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance (linked to shadowy Tory backers the Midlands Industrial Council) sometimes produce data of which we can make use – but today they are seeking some cheap publicity by having a go at the cost of our Local Government Pension Scheme.

They wonder why taxpayers should be funding a pension scheme more generous than those available to many private sector employees.

Well, first, public sector workers are taxpayers too – unlike all those major corporations who dodge their taxes! As a taxpayer I never voted for this outfit to speak for me.

Secondly, our pensions – and remember many of us will from 1 April be paying more for less as far as our pension benefits are concerned – are part of an overall package of remuneration – public service workers won’t be getting bonuses like they get in the oh-so-well run financial services sector.

Thirdly, if the “Taxpayers Alliance” really cared for the welfare of taxpaying families maybe they would support stronger trade unions in the private sector to fight for better pension provision across the board?

No, I thought not. (Funnily enough the “other TA” don’t seem bothered about real waste…)

Update at lunchtime Friday – online here is a very good analysis of the report from our taxpaying friends. Further update at the weekend - with further thanks to the labour and capital blog – here are links to reasoned comments from the LGA and GMB. There is (as yet?) no comment from UNISON here – perhaps it’s not worth a response??


Anonymous said...

we need to find out who is funding the west midlands Industrial Council and how much they are funding the Tories

See Cameron got done today expect that on the front pages tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I read with my usual amazement in the Mail yesterday (I hasten to say I hadn't bought it, just read it) that my gilt-edged pension was costing council tax payers and arm-and-a-leg. Oh and that it was town hall workers again....

Well, I have never worked in a town hall for a start. There's never any mention of our contributions to the LGPS, I notice - I pay approx £120 in to my fund (6% of my salary). Public services don't come for free - and our salaries are hardly amazing figures that will have them running from the city to take our jobs!

When will we ever see a balanced report on this issues....never, I expect??