Monday, May 11, 2009

New Labour isn't dead - it always smelt this way.

First it was the squalid attempt at anonymous smears and now the "flipping" of "second homes" for personal gain.

Whatever the outcome of the next General Election, unless the Labour Party can cleanse itself of the stench of New Labour's venality we won't be able to climb out of the sewer into which we have been dragged.

The left tried to offer the Party a choice at the time of the last leadership election.

All those who conspired to prevent the possibility of honest debate ahead of Gordon Brown's coronation are culpable in the outcome.

Power corrupts.

Labour Party members and trade unionists who want to salvage something from the wreckage created by New Labour should join the Labour Representation Committee.

Within the trade unions, surely now we have to begin to see that loyalty to the Labour Party, and all for which it should stand, is not only not the same thing as loyalty to this rotten Government. It is in fact the opposite.

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