Monday, May 18, 2009

Not a good day to be Labour

It's not a good day to be a Labour Party member. I tend to agree with the Morning Star editorial about the expulsion from the Party of my friend and comrade Geoff Martin.

We might have seen that coming since Geoff has been openly backing "No2EU Yes to Democracy" but it still sticks in the throat to see good people outside the Labour Party when you consider some of what is still floating to the top.

Ann Black has done well to ask Labour Party members our views about the expenses scandal ahead of discussion at the NEC. But since Geoff is not the first good socialist booted out of the Party I also want a political critique of the Party leadership.

The expenses scandal is the perfect expression of the moral and political bankruptcy of New Labour in particular, but it is the tip of the iceberg of the crisis of representation of the working class in this country.

We deserve better - but only if we are prepared to fight for it. Our trade unions need to lead this fight - and to fight for what we believe in.

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