Sunday, June 07, 2009

Historic fourth term?

I doubt that the Party of which I have been a member now for thirty years is heading for a fourth term.

I however, have been elected to the UNISON NEC for the fourth time - thanks to all those who voted for me.

Overall candidates of the left failed to make the advances for which we had hoped - indeed gains in some areas were balanced by the loss of good comrades from the NEC.

With a turnout of just 7% in Greater London it is difficult to base too much detailed analysis of what our members think based upon the votes in NEC elections - though judgements can be made about the level of organisation of those supporting different candidates.

I will comment further soon - for now its back to the telly and the results of some other election...


Nick Venedi said...

Well done Jon!!

Nick Venedi

Mark P said...

Well done on getting reelected.

It's interesting that so many Socialist Party candidates have been elected as compared to candidates from other sections of the left. Given that their chief visible difference with other sections of the left is their policy on the Labour Party it would seem that this policy is very popular at the moment, at least amongst the small section of members who actually vote.