Friday, June 05, 2009

Labour's crisis - the unions must speak

James Purnell deserved our contempt well before yesterday - not just for his personal conduct but for his reactionary politics.

I hope he never serves in another Cabinet.

If however this Blairite coup is leading inexorably to the defenestration of Gordon Brown by the same sycophants and fools in the PLP who refused to nominate an opposing candidate two years ago then it is vital that the Left begins to prepare now.

The Labour Party must change direction very quickly and dramatically to avoid catastrophe. The trade unions have a responsibility to act (as we failed to two years ago). If a vacancy arises for Labour Leader then the Left must have a candidate to articulate the policies which could command massive support - abandoning privatisation, cancelling Trident and ID cards, and resisting cuts in jobs, pensions and public services.

The Peoples Charter sets out such a positive popular programme, which also reflects the policies adopted by UNISON.

The trade unions must back those in the Labour Party who back these progressive trade union policies.

That does not include Alan Johnson.

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