Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Election Year?

A special meeting of Unison's NEC has been called for Wednesday 20 January (the first such unscheduled meeting in my time on the NEC).

The agenda is to consider future options for the post of General Secretary.

If Dave Prentis serves a normal five year term this will end on 31 December.

I was told, ahead of December's NEC meeting, that the Presidential Team thought I was wrong to perceive any ambiguity arising from the combined effect of the Rule Book and the law (which allows in certain cirumstances an extended term of office where a General Secretary is approaching retirement).

I therefore look forward to sight of the paper on "options" which has not yet been circulated.

How refreshing that in our lay led Union the elected lay Executive receive a full fortnight's notice of such a meeting (even if we don't yet know what "options" will be put before us).

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