Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UNISON General Secretary Election?

As you read here first a week ago an unprecedented unscheduled meeting of the Unison NEC has been called (at a fortnight's notice) for next Wednesday just three weeks before the next scheduled meeting.

The only agenda item concerns options relating to the post of General Secretary and NEC members were told - last Wednesday - that a paper setting out these options would be circulated.

Not having seen this paper yet I have been asking after it. I thought I should share the helpful response of our President;


I've been away recently but understand you've been asking a number of colleagues about the paper going to NEC on the 20th of Jan.

I'm afraid I don't see any point in engaging in a dialogue on this in advance of the paper being sent to the whole NEC.

To do otherwise would be inappropriate and unfair to the rest of the NEC.

Gerry Gallagher

UNISON President"

At least I can be assured that all members of the NEC are being denied information equally...

Since the limited range of "options" are fairly obvious to anyone possessing a law book, a calendar and a brain I have offered to help whoever is drafting the report. As yet my kind offer has not been accepted.

We need this report soon if our NEC is not to be seen as a pointless talking shop.

We would not want anyone to think that an attempt will be made to bounce the NEC into a General Secretary Election before the General Election (nor even to agree an interpretation of our Rules which would avoid any election this year for fear of such avoidable ill-timing).

Once we see the report we can explain the good reasons for convening a special NEC meeting three weeks before the scheduled meeting and reassure UNISON members that our democratic structures are not being manipulated.

I am sure the report will soon be circulated.

I am an optimist.

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Anonymous said...

You think your members are interested? Your union is lucky if 5% of the members vote in your elections. What percentage of your members voted in your NEC election? What kind of mandate does that give you?