Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bosses back Tories shock

I never expected much from the Evening Standard when you had to pay for it - and haven't changed my views since they started scattering copies around tube carriages.

However, today's headline news that the bosses of many major companies are backing the Tories (over opposition to increased national insurance payments) is a truly breathtaking headline.

I expect tomorrow to learn from the Standard of new evidence of papal catholicism and of the arboreal toilet habits of ursine mammals.

There is a criticism to be made of Labour policy on tax and national insurance - but that is that we don't seek to impose sufficiently progressive direct taxation.

For now though, the more the bosses back the Tories the more it makes the point that workers need to back our Party, however dismal it has been in Government.

We do however require union leaders capable of changing Labour - or our members will abandon it and them.

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