Saturday, April 17, 2010

Suspended in a Rubber Room?

You haven't inadvertently found the wrong bit of t'intraweb!

The New York Teachers' Union have done a deal to limit the amount of time that teachers can be suspended when facing allegations of misconduct (

Whilst I confess that the Grauniad headline on this ( caught my eye largely for its suggestion of some of the weirder aspects of 24 hour Brixton ("rubber rooms" sound like some aspect of nocturnal clubbing of which I am too old/boring to be aware!), the story itself is nevertheless very relevant to everyday life in the local authority for which I work - and also to many other public service employers.

If we want to eliminate real "waste" from our public services - rather than simply cutting jobs - then a similar clampdown on lengthy suspensions would be a minor step in the right direction. I shall be interested to learn whether the approach taken in New York bears fruit.

And to hear from any readers who have achieved similar things in this country...

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