Monday, June 07, 2010

Our last chance for a better Unison

This is the last week of voting in the Unison General Secretary election.

The official machinery of the Union, scrupulously neutral, has been carrying statements from the incumbent daily.

Paul Holmes - candidate of the left - doesn't have the support of such a machine.

No one is backing Paul to advance their career or to curry favour.

Paul is backed by ordinary trade unionists who have the temerity to believe that an ordinary trade unionist can (like Mark Serwotka) become an extraordinary leader.

Paul needs you (and me) to make a last push to get the vote out.

The majority of Unison members will not have voted.

The majority of members who hear the candidates speak will vote for Paul.

Follow the link above and forward it to your friends and colleagues (without using Unison resources!)

Spend a little time in the next 48 hours chasing those votes - the time is coming for workers to lead Unions.

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1 comment:

unionmaid said...

Hello Jon.
Just watched Pauls video.
Can you tell me what's his job or profession?