Monday, June 21, 2010

Strike for Pensions (and against bankers)

I have this evening offended a wealthy banker who was a fellow audience member on Channel 4's Dispatches (

After a hard day reading through proposals to cut valuable public sector jobs it was good to have a bit of fun...

Seriously, the audience voting held the line quite well against the right wing - with the notable exception of agreeing with increased pension contributions for public sector workers (and increasing but not extending VAT).

I think we can see that an attack by way of increased pension contributions is a very real prospect now. We were promised national strike action in response to an attack on our pensions at National Delegate Conference.

Time to start tidying up our membership records for a national strike ballot?

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nickvenedi said...

You did well Jon but Marsha stole the show and she was excellent! Nick

Anonymous said...


but a minority of local gov staff are in the scheme