Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unity is strength

It is the middle of the summer holiday - but that doesn't mean redundancy threats have gone on holiday - even those applying to workers whose conditions of service mean they aren't here to defend themselves in August.

I spent some time today (in a joint union capacity) filling in for NUT comrades who are - quite reasonably - on leave. I was arguing with management in attempt to save some teaching jobs from redundancy.

I don't know whether we'll win the argument but I do know that everyone whose job we do save (and we can count dozens already in the current restructure of Lambeth's Children's and Young People's Services Directorate) will be the beneficiary of trade union unity.

At a local level the members of each union are strengthened by unity and cooperation between all unions. Whilst there can and will always be room for healthy rivalry and competition this is far less important than unity.

This observation must surely be even more important at a national level.

In common with other delegates to this year's TUC I got my first electronic mailing for next month's Congress this afternoon.

This will be the last Annual Congress - from now on - for the first time since 1868 - Congress will be a Biennial affair, signalling the scaled down ambition of our leaders.

This could however be a Congress that matters more than for many years - if it puts into practice the unity in action which so many of us apply daily at a rank and file level in order to mobilise our millions against the Government of Millionaires.

Our pensions have been cut, our pay frozen, our jobs threatened and our services face devastation. Six and a half million members of TUC affiliated unions have the power to stop this - if we act in unity.

Will we use our power?

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Anonymous said...

agree but some branch officer usde unity as an excuse for being lazy, justg stuck in a branch office and not organising or even bothering to organise stewards meetings