Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Using legal action against the cuts

Full marks to UNISON for launching a legal challenge to ConDem plans for the break up of the NHS ( Its good to see a combative approach to a reactionary Government which won't even pretend to listen to us.

At this relatively urge stage in building effective opposition to the anti-working-class policies of the Coalition legal challenges may buy a little time and gain publicity (sounding warning bells for those not yet sufficiently alerted to what is coming).

The Fawcett Society's welcome legal challenge to the Emergency Budget for breach of the gender equality duty ( clearly comes into the same category.

Ultimately however legal challenges to an elected Government are unlikely to prove more than, at best, a delaying tactic. They may slow the Government down and shake its morale. They may also weaken the Coalition.

What is most important is that we mobilise effective campaigning activity locally and nationally, including preparation for industrial action against the impact of cuts.

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how many PCT organisations have raised formal disputes regarding the changes? If they have not, surely one must ask why? Have the senior management as many suspect, started some time ago to move towards setting up an organisation to function as a GP consortium?